Bonnie Hammond

Bonnie with Capping Day, Bumpershoot 1988

Capping Day at Bumpershoot 1988

Bonnie Hammond had little or no musical background when she started Capping Day with Laura Weller in 1987, but like many of the things she’s taken on in her life, she didn’t let that stop her from trying. Capping Day is her one and only band, although she’s worked with a handful of other bands and artists as a backup vocalist over the years. Capping Day still plays out here and there, which provides enough musical satisfaction for her.

Bonnie’s true passion is horses. She owns a pair of ex-racehorses and rides on the local hunter/jumper circuit. In 2005, she co-founded a horse rescue organization called Save a Forgotten Equine (SAFE), which has grown into a prominent Northwest non-profit. Bonnie is currently the Executive Director of SAFE, and is occupied with the never ending task of seeking out sources of funding for the rescue. She has also spent many years working as a professional graphic designer. She’s designed websites for SAFE as well as several other equestrian organizations.

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Band Title Released
Capping Day Mona Lisa 7″ 1988
Capping Day Post No Bills 1990

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