Claudia Groom

Juned, 1993

Juned, 1993 (Clockwise, L-R, Leslie, Lenny, Dale, Claudia)

Claudia Groom was the lead singer, songwriter and guitarist for Seattle band  My Diva with Dale Lloyd on drums and Christine Roskam on Bass. The ethereal vocals and driving, dominant guitar sound carried over to her next band Juned which included Dale Balenseifen joining her on vocal & guitar, Leslie Hardy on bass and Lenny Rennalls on drums. Juned released a 7″, two full-length albums on Sub Pop subsidiary Up Records, contributed to compilations, and toured extensively (including a national tour opening for Dinosaur Jr) before breaking up in 1996.  During that time and after Claudia also contributed to two Mike Johnson (of Dinosaur Jr) solo albums.

Claudia continues to compose, but her passions have transitioned to production and photography, in particular architectural photos. Her work was recently accepted by Atomic Ranch magazine for publication in a future feature article.

My Diva – One Step Behind What I Think I Know


Band Title Released
My Diva My Diva EP 1992
Juned So White 7″ 1994
Juned Juned 1994
Juned Possum 7″ 1994
Juned Every Night for You 1996
Mike Johnson Year of Mondays 1996
Juned Various Artists: Grace of My Heart Soundtrack 1996
Mike Johnson I Feel Alright 1998

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