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Dawn Smithson started playing and singing in bands at age 16 after playing bass for the first time at a party in a trailer. Everyone else played guitar too, so she opted to try a new instrument.  In 1990 at 19, she joined a band called Mambo Sun which later became Jessamine; a band that released three albums on Kranky, singles on several other labels (including Sub Pop) and contributed a track to the epic Harmony of the Spheres compilation on the Drunken Fish label.

In 1998 Smithson left Jessamine and moved back to Seattle to pursue a career in fashion design.  After a 6 year hiatus from playing music, she played briefly with SUNN O))) and then continued on to record 2 solo albums, sing on the Ginnungagap 1000% Downer ep and  play in 2 more bands (Western Shore and Low Places).  Her most recent project was a self titled 7″ collaboration with Aaron Martin called Winter’s Day, released on Morc Records.  From 2000 to 2010 Smithson worked as a clothing designer in Seattle.  Currently she does freelance design and pattern making, teaches at Seattle Central Community College and is owner and designer of her own accessories brand called Moth and Crow.

Jessamine / E.M. Cioran – All the Same

An unofficial video created by CassZorro.


Band Title Released
Jessamine Jessamine 1995
Jessamine Long Arm of Coincidence 1996
Jessamine Various Artists:Harmony of the Spheres 1996
Jessamine Another Fictionalized History 1997
Jessamine Don’t Stay Too Long 1998
Jessamine Living Sound 1999
Dawn Smithson Safer Here 2005
Dawn Smithson Earth Machine 2008
Winter’s Day Winter’s Day 7″ 2010

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