Kim Warnick

Kim Warnick

Kim Warnick

Kim Warnick was co-founder, bassist, and lead vocalist of the Seattle band Fastbacks between 1979 and 2002, and bassist with Visqueen from 2001 until her retirement from performing in 2004.

In March 2010 Kim returned from her retirement when Evan Dando (The Lemonheads) suggested they start a new band with Mikey Davis (Alien Crime Syndicate, Tommy Stinson) and call it Cali Giraffes. Evan, Kim and Mikey recorded one song, with Kim on bass, Evan on drums and Mikey on guitar, before Evan returned to NYC.

Producer/engineer/multi-instrumentalist Bubba Jones took on working with Kim and Mikey to get the project going.  For anyone who saw Warnick as the voice and face of the Fastbacks, it might take a moment to wrap your head around this factoid – this is the first time she’s written songs and lyrics.

Cali Giraffes has been performing locally and have a full-length album is in the works which includes Josh Freese (perfect Circle, Weezer, Devo) behind the kit.

Fastbacks “Waste of Time”


Partial Discography

Band Title Released
The Fastbacks …And His Orchestra 1987
The Fastbacks Very, Very Powerful Motor 1990
The Fastbacks In America 1991
The Fastbacks The Question is No 1992
The Fastbacks Zucker 1993
The Fastbacks Answer the Phone Dummy 1994
The Fastbacks New Mansions in Sound 1996
The Fastbacks Win Lose or Both 1998
The Fastbacks The Day That Didn’t Exist 1998
Visqueen King Me 2003
Visqueen Sunset on Dateland 2004
Visqueen Message to Garcia 2009

Full discography including 7″ releases and Various Artist contributions can be found on Wikipedia.

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