Cristien Storm

Cristien Storm, 1993Cristien Storm has written and performed all her life, starting with short political rants about grade school social hierarchies and on to performances with powerhouses including Lydia lunch, Exene Cervenka and Joan Jett.  She is the author of Living In Liberation: Boundary Setting, Self-Care & Social Change and three chapbooks: Eye of the Storm, Passing Go and Moments.  Her poetry has been included on various recordings including Heart of a Dog, Stop Rape Now and Home Alive, The Art of Self Defense.  She has had the privilege of performing with many amazing artists and is grateful to each and every one whose commitment to their passion makes the world a better place. Cristien is a co-founder of Home Alive, and taught many self-defense classes. She is a licensed therapist and has her own practice. One of Cristien’s early pieces, Self Medicating with Music was edited to be performed in These Streets.

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