The Interviews

DinnerOver the period of several months Gretta and Sarah held a number of dinner parties, cocktail parties and one-on-one interviews with close to forty women (and a couple of men) that were part of the music scene during this era.  The tales always started of light, and then dove into memories that many of the women shared…  The challenges they face as their tight-knit community unexpectedly exploded and their city becomes an international rock Mecca. The obnoxious attitudes of some who couldn’t imagine women that could rock. Tales of days on end in a van touring.  The collaboration and support the artist of the time experienced. And the inspirations they garnered from each others passion and talent.

These Streets would not have been possible without the generosity of the women and men willing to share their stories and memories. We’d like to acknowledge them and give our heartfelt thanks:

Valerie Agnew
Carrie Akre
Carla G. Art Nitkey
Jen Ayers
Kristen Barry Ellard
Charles Cross
Elizabeth Davis Simpson
Amy Denio
Linda Derschang
Barbara Dollarhide Prichard
Rachel Flotard
Claudia Groom
Bonnie Hammond
Tom Hansen
Gretta Harley
Sally Johnson
Mike Katell
Molly Lannon Kenny
Lisa King
Heather Lewis
Tess. Lotta
Emily Marsh
Fiia McGann
Steve Moriarty
Lisa Orth
Tamara Paris
Rhonda Pelikan
Susan Robb
Dawn Smithson
Amy Stolzenbach
Cristen Storm
Carla Togerson
Laura Vanderpool
Vanessa Veselka
Kim Virant
Kim Warnick
Steve Wells
Stephanie Wicker
Sheryl Wiser
Peg Wood

See bios, photos, discographies and more from the women that inspired the project. Follow the links on the right (below if you’re mobile).

Some of the interviews were video taped and can be viewed here:

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