Carla G. Art

Carla G. Art, 1990

Carla G. Art, 1990

Carla G Art has a birth name, an adopted last name, a first marriage last name and now her last name, but prefers to use Carla G Art since last names don’t mean much to her anymore.

She was born in Neu Ulm, Germany and spent her youth traveling, including hightailing it with a circus for 6 months; living in South Africa; attending grade school in Florence, Italy;  and graduating from German high school. Carla attended the University of Maryland, European division, and in 1988 she graduated summa cum laude from Wright State University with a major in painting and a minor in philosophy and biology.

After graduating, Carla prepared to move to New York to attend graduate school, but she joined a punk rock band instead. In 1989, she moved to Seattle, WA with 30+ musicians and co-founded a collective record label called “Rathouse Records,” home to 7 Year Bitch, The Gits, Alcohol Funny Car, and her band, D.C. Beggars, where she was lead singer. D.C. Beggars toured across the states, Canada and Europe for three years but called it quits in 1993. Carla then returned to painting, exhibiting and selling her work, which is a mix of traditional painting philosophies, contemporary pop art and visual new media art. Her work is exhibited locally in Seattle, at “Insight Gallery” in West Bend, WI, and online. Carla currently focuses on family (she has two children) and her work is in collections locally, nationally and internationally.

DC Beggars – Tale Of Lies


Band Title Released
DC Beggars You’re So Pretty But You Make Me Sick 7″ 1991
DC Beggars Love, Money & Power 7″ 1992

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