Stephanie Wicker

Stephanie Wicker, Western State Hurricane

Stephanie Wicker, Western State Hurricane

Stephanie Wicker started music lessons at age 5.  Fascinated by the piano from early on, she studied classically through age 21, culminating in a music degree from Western Washington University where she was a piano performance major.  Upon leaving WWU, she moved to Seattle, taught herself guitar and went on to play in numerous bands in Seattle as either the singer/songwriter, keyboardist, guitarist, or some combination of the three. Stephanie also performed backing vocals on a couple tracks for Long Winters (the band that John Roderick went on to start after the Western State Hurricanes).

Her career as a Seattle musician spans over 20 years, and Stephanie continues to play music with her band Like Lightning and as a full-time private music teacher. Like Lightning has a full length release in production.

Seattle bands that Stephanie has played with include:

Ministry of Love – keys and backing vocals 1991-93
Ars Poetica – vocals 1992-94
Moonshine – vocals, songwriter, guitarist 1993-96
Algae – vocals, songwriter, guitarist  1995-98
Western State Hurricanes – guitar and vocals 1998-1999
Acetylene – vocals, songwriter, guitarist 1999-2001
Orbiter – keys, guitar and backing vocals 2001-2003
Like Lightning – vocals, keys and guitar, songwriter 2009 – present


Band Title Released
Ars Poetica Ars Poetica 1993
Acetylene Which Way From Up
Orbiter Sparks on a String 2002

Also, find various recordings from Moonshine & Algae here:

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