Sally Johnson

Faster Tiger

Faster Tiger
(L to R: Emily March, Sally Johnson, Mike Katell)

Sally Johnson was (and will forever be) the bassist and one of the singers in Faster Tiger.  In addition to bass, Sally grew up playing bass and had a brief stint playing accordion in the band Fauna. Sally and Emily March (Faster Tiger drummer/singer) met at Bennington College in Vermont where they both received practical degrees in art. Sally met Mike Katell (Faster Tiger guitarist/singer) at a Team Dresch/Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet show at Moe.  Magic happened.

In addition to playing music, Sally also worked in the Seattle music business starting as a teenager postering for the all-ages club, The Gorilla Gardens.  Later, Sally booked shows at The OK Hotel and Moe.  Sally continued her career as the Promotions Manager at The Seattle Weekly and KEXP.  Finally, Sally volunteered her event organizer expertise for a number of fundraisers including events for NW Aids Foundation and the Food and Agriculture Association of the United Nations.

Sally is currently the Outdoor Programs & Outreach Manager for REI where she oversees REI’s outdoor education programs as well as national event sponsorships and programs.  Recently, at a “These Streets” event, Sally reconnected with Claudia Groom from the band Juned and hopefully by the time this is posted, Claudia and Sally will have started playing music. Magic happens.

These Streets Interview


Band Title Released
Faster Tiger Little Things  1999
Faster Tiger Various Artists: Fleetwood Mac: Patron Saints of Pop (An Apostilary Homage) 2001

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