Margo Lauritzen

Margo Lauritzen

Margo Lauritzen

Seattle native Margo Lauritzen started writing songs in the late ’80’s.  Her earliest performances were at the Lincoln Arts Center, Squid Row and Room #608.  In 1993, while improvising on her Mom’s piano, she had an epiphany:  “The music was untrammeled, wild.”  She turned to piano as her main instrument (besides voice) and started recording her songs on a Walkman Professional.  In 1997 she wrote an autobiographical musical called A Warehouse Dream which had a successful run of 7 performances, and led to a CD.  The show utilized ambient train sounds, photographic clocks, and Margo’s poetry to tell the true story of an artist’s loft.

After Warehouse Dream, Margo continued to explore character and storytelling through song.  Three female characters – Marge, Jean & Snake – were the focal point of her songwriting for years and culminated in a show created for the 2003 Seattle Fringe Festival.  During this time Margo also performed at many Seattle icons including the OK Hotel, Sit ‘n’ Spin, Cafe Messiah, Patti Summers, and, famously, on May 18, 2001, at the Speakeasy Cafe, the night it burst into flames.

In 2002 Margo sang and played keyboards with all-female punk band, The Furies.  From 2006 on, Margo has poured her creative energies into her pop band Stroppy.  In 2007, Stroppy released pipi and Margo go to the graveyard, produced by Mell Dettmer.  Stroppy, described as “moody, electro-fueled rock” and “Throwing Muses with keys”, has a deep song catalog and lyrical prowess.  In 2012 Stroppy recorded 5 songs with Conrad Uno at Egg Studio.  Stroppy continues to perform Margo’s songs.


Band Title Released
Margo Lauritzen A Warehouse Dream 1998
The Furies The Furies 2003
Margo Lauritzen Chronicles of Margo 2006
Margo Lauritzen 4 track demos 2007
Stroppy pipi and Margo go to the graveyard 2007
Stroppy For Once 2012


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