Roisin Dunne Ross

Roisin Dunne-Ross, Mid 1990s

Roisin Dunne Ross, Mid 1990s

Roisin Dunne Ross was born into a family of actors. Michael Dunne, was an acting fixture in Seattle since immigrating from Ireland. Her mother, Valerie, was a ballet dancer and choreographer and both her siblings were in musical theatre. Although, Roisin performed as a child in local productions,  including a couple of season in A Christmas Carol at ACT,  and was comfortable on stage, acting did not have  the same  pull it did for the rest of her family.

Then she discovered punk rock.  “From hearing the Clash and the Sex Pistols for the first time to seeing my first shows at the Metropolis, this world made sense,” Roisin recalled. “Seeing the Fastbacks play was an inspiration.   It was a stroke of luck that Kim Warnick told 7 Year Bitch about me.” Although she and Stefanie Sargent knew each other from the local scene, Roisin did not know the other members of the band and she was living in Los Angeles at the time. She had voiced her frustration to her long  time friend about trying to find people to play music with, which led to an introduction, audition and a few beers at the Comet Tavern and it all clicked.

Roisin played guitar in 7 Year Bitch from 1992-1996, then  left to persue other interests. In 2006, she was recruited by her then husband, Allan Ross (Clobber, Casequarter) to play bass in Port Townsend band appropriately named The Last Goodbye. They played a few shows and then relocated to New York. She did not continue music after that, but rather reconnected with her first love, horses. She taught basic English and Dressage at Riverdale Riding in the Bronx and also involved herself in animal rescue group, Waggytail Rescue in NYC. Roisin is no longer married, and has no children. She recently relocated to Ventura, CA and lives at the beach.

Her current favorite musical past time is never missing a Supersuckers show when they pass through town.

7 Year Bitch – “24,900 Miles Per Hour”


Band Title Released
7 Year Bitch Viva Zapata! 1994
7 Year Bitch Gato Negro 1996
7 Year Bitch Various Artists: Home Alive: The Art of Self-Defense 1996

Full discography including 7″ releases and Various Artist contributions can be found on Wikipedia.

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