Carla Torgerson

Carla Torgerson, the Walkabouts

Carla Torgerson, the Walkabouts

Carla Torgerson is, together with Chris Eckman, co-founder of the orchestral-rock band The Walkabouts. Founded in 1984, the band continues to deliver a strong, signature, raw, intensity to their music; Americana UK described their most recent release Berlin: “…it’s as muscular and as seething as they’ve ever sounded.” They have recorded a total of fifteen albums, contributed to multiple compilations, released several singles, and performed at least 1,500 shows over the last 22 years while touring 14 countries throughout Europe (including touring Europe twice in 2012).

Together with Eckman, she also forms the duo Chris & Carla as a side project, and has released several studio albums over the last three decades.

Carla was also the designer, builder and owner of “Hey Darlin’ Recording Studio. Before, and during her early years with the Walkabouts, Carla worked in the motion picture industry as an editor and negative cutter (between 1982 – 1995).

Carla’s reflection on her career:

“I have enjoyed being in a band for over half of my life. The albums, fans and traveling make it all worthwhile even though it’s not the easiest of career choices – I simply wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Another aspect of being in a band that I always enjoyed was the autonomy and self-governing aspect of running our own show.  We determined when we’d record and we’d decide when to go on tour.  We had leaders in our band but no bosses!  FREEDOM!

We were free-lancers and that word comes from ‘free lancelots’ as in warriors for hire.  And that’s what we felt like… it was quite often us against the world, striving and determining what to do next!  It was …and still is a crazy ride!”

The Walkabouts – The Light Will Stay On


Band Title Released
The Walkabouts See Beautiful Rattlesnake Gardens 1987
The Walkabouts Cataract 1989
The Walkabouts Scavenger 1990
The Walkabouts New West Motel 1993
The Walkabouts Satisfied Mind 1993
Carla & Chris Shelter for an Evening 1993
The Walkabouts Setting the Woods on Fire 1994
Carla & Chris Life Full of Holes 1995
Carla & Chris Nights Between Stations: Live in Thessaloniki 1995 1995
The Walkabouts Devil’s Road 1996
The Walkabouts Nighttown 1997
Carla & Chris Swinger 500 1998
Carla & Chris Ljubljana 1999
The Walkabouts Trail of Stars 2000
The Walkabouts Train Leaves at Eight 2001
The Walkabouts Ended Up a Stranger 2002
The Walkabouts Acetylene 2005
Carla & Chris Fly High Brave Dreamers 2007
The Walkabouts Got No Chains 2009
The Walkabouts Travels in the Dustland 2011
The Walkabouts Berlin 2012

Full Walkabouts discography including 7″ releases and Various Artist contributions can be found on Wikipedia.

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