Dale Balenseifen

Juned (L to R: Dale, Claudia, Lenny, Leslie)

Juned (L to R: Dale, Claudia, Lenny, Leslie)

Dale Balenseifen first played in Seattle as the guitarist for Kill Sybil (originally “Sybil”, but had to change their name after their first single “Push Me Down” was release to avoid legal trouble from a soul singer with the same name). They releases a total of three 7″ers and a full Length on Empty Records before disbanding in 1994. Leslie Hardy, then bassist for Kill Sybil, and Dale formed Juned that same year and recruited Claudia Groom (My Diva) to join as the second guitarist and to share the vocal lead with Dale. Lenny Rennalls joined shortly after as their drummer and backup vocalist. Juned released two 7″ singles, two full-length albums on Sub Pop subsidiary Up Records, contributed to a compilation, and toured extensively (including a national tour opening for Dinosaur Jr) before breaking up in 1996. Dale moved to Portland shortly after and Joined Candy 500 who put out one single on Sub Pop. When they broke up she decided to return to school and moved to Los Angeles to study at Otis College of Art and Design. After graduating she moved to New York to pursue a career in fashion design. While there Dale played with Small Devices for about a year and recorded one EP. She also collaborated with other friends to create Lo Fi recordings.

Dale’s career as a fashion designer became her focus and passion, and her time available to work on music continued to decline. “It’s funny because working in fashion I sometimes tap into my experiences in music,” said Dale, “I always have good stories about those days!” Dale is currently designing children’s clothing for Osh Kosh.

Songs from “Every Night for You”


Band Title Released
Sybil Push Me Down 7″ 1992
Kill Sybil Fairlane 7″ 1992
Kill Sybil Kill Sybil 1993
Kill Sybil Hell On Wheels 7″ 1994
Juned So White 7″ 1994
Juned Juned 1994
Juned Possum 7″ 1994
Juned Every Night for You 1996
Juned Various Artists: Grace of My Heart Soundtrack 1996
Candy 500 This is It 7″ 1997

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