Maria Mabra

Maria Mabra

Maria Mabra

Whether performing as an actor or musician, Maria Mabra commands center stage.  Her affinity for the arts began at a young age and her talents have been finely honed over the course of hundreds of shows and acting has always been her paramount passion.

Maria was a drawn to music early in life and by the time she finished high school, she was already an accomplished professional, interning in 1986 at the Ensemble Studio Theatre in New York.

In 1988, she began attending Antioch College where she studied music, theatre, film and photography. During this time, she starred in the Nelson Mandela Theatre sponsored political play “Homeland,” with performances throughout Europe, including the prestigious Edinburgh Festival in Scotland.

It was through Antioch that she befriended punk idol Mia Zapata, lead singer of the Gits. Their friendship motivated Maria to move to Seattle in 1990, where she played drums in numerous punk bands including Hell’s Smells, Shug, ATF, Babayaga, and Los Insectoleros.

While participating in multiple musical projects, Maria continually worked on developing her own sound and drew on inspiration from several musical genres. While still playing punk shows, she formed Corinne Rose, a bluegrass band in which she sang time-honored standards and her own compositions. The band also performed at the premiere book signing of writer Bob Baxter’s Tattoo Road Trip.

Following the brutal murder of Mia Zapata in 1993, Maria was a supporter of “Home Alive” and was given the opportunity to perform with the artists Joan Jett, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Exene Cervenka of X.

Maria has since relocated to Austin, Texas, where she has collaborated with musicians from a range of genres while still focusing on her own band, Corinne Rose.  In addition to writing and playing music, she has been cast in boutique stage shows like “Art Bra Austin” and independent movie projects.  In 2008, she had a role in the feature film Rumble Dick produced and directed by Carlos Funes of Classico Entertainment. She can also be seen in the Corinne Rose music video for “The Quick and the Dead,” produced and directed by Station Films.

As the lead singer and drummer of Corinne Rose, Maria has been able to highlight her talents as a songwriter by crafting songs that stretch across all genres of country music. The band has released two full albums, including “Grace.”  As an actress, she is constantly looking for ways to open herself as a conduit for new stories and experiences.  No matter which stage she’s on, Maria never misses a beat.

Corinne Rose – Quick and the Dead


Band Title Released
Hell’s Smells Various Artists: Power Flush: San Francisco, Seattle & You 1993
Maria Mabra Various Artists: Home Alive: The Art of Self-Defense 1996
Corinne Rose Corinne Rose 2007
Corinne Rose Grace 2009

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