Mara Dralle

Mara Dralle, Doll Squad 1987

Mara Dralle, Doll Squad 1987

Doll Squad is an American alternative rock band formed in Seattle, Washington in 1987 by Mara Dralle (lead vocals) and Helen Halloran (vocals, rhythm guitar) and originally active until 1989. Though not signed to any record label, the band received notoriety in the Seattle music scene after performing with Nirvana in 1988. Following their dissolution the following year, members of the band embarked on separate musical projects. In 2008, the band reformed, however without original drummer Patty Schemel, who later became notable as the drummer of Los Angeles-based band Hole.  Mara and Helen reunited Doll Squad with their original bassist, Annette Billesbach, and were joined by Mike Soldano (guitar) and Rich Evans (drums).  They played a few shows into 2009.

Over the last 12 years, Mara has occasionally performed with her husband Carl Funk, formerly of The Allies and currently the singer-songwriter of  The Halyards. Since July of 2012, she has been singing and playing percussion with rock outfit The Jilly Rizzo.  They’ve released The Evolution of the Temple Garment, and  play regularly around Seattle.

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